Scheduling of double periods and blocks

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Up to now, when scheduling blocks with drag and drop in the timetable you scheduled the first period of a block always in the period where the mouse cursor was located. This could cause problems, if a three period block was 'grabbed' at the third period. We changed this behaviour and now Untis Express takes into account at which position the block is dragged. As shown in the example, now the block is dropped where the frame of the block is indicated in the timetable.






The colouring of the timetable cells has changed, as well. Only the position where a block could 'start' was coloured in green. From now on all periods are in green which allow clash-free scheduling. It can happen, though, that e.g. periods 1 to 3 are green on one day (because they are free basically), a double period, however, may only be scheduled between periods one and two or three and four. When dragging this double period over periods two to three (not permissible) the periods are highlighted in red.