Export/Import DIF files Data can easily be exported and imported from/to gp-Untis


The file construction is simple, therefore most data banks can read Untis data. DIF files are saved in ASCII format and the contents can be viewed using an editor. Several fields are summarised in one data set. These are outputted in a predetermined sequence.


The fields are comma separated. Text fields are additionally separated with quotation marks. The field and line separator characters can be changed. The following examples show in which order the class and teacher fields must be entered. Several fields are designated with the short name and the date is entered in the YYYYMMDD format (8 characters). Colours are specified in a 24-bit format with Red/Green/Blue.


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 Export/Import DIF files Examples for importing DIF files into the Untis database


 Export/Import Classes (003) Order of the fields in DIF data GPU003.TXT

 Export/Import Teachers (004) Sequence of fields in the DIF file GPU004.TXT

 Export/Import Rooms (005) Sequence of fields in the DIF file GPU005.TXT

 Export/Import Subjects (006) Sequence of fields in the DIF file GPU006.TXT


 Export/Import Lessons (002) Sequence of fields in the DIF file GPU002.TXT

 Export the Timetable (001) Sequence of fields in the DIF file GPU001.TXT