Untis->GEP Exporting data to GEP


IMPORTANT! please note:

1. The time grids of GEP and Untis have to be compatible (half periods!)

2. You have to enter a (Lesson) Group.

3. You must not have created new (Lesson) Groups in gp-Untis.

4. You must not rename the Subjects. If you want to use a non-official Subject Name for the timetable print-out, please use the alternative names (alias) for this.


IMPORTANT CLUE: If an element (or Lesson) is ignored, this element will not be exported!

It causes no problems if,

1. you change the Names (Short Names) of the teachers

2. add Rooms in Untis

3. reorganize or add Class Groups


Exported is

into file Y_ALT the Lesson Groups (Alternances)

into file Y_GRO the Class Groups Names (Groupes)

into file Y_GPD the assignment of Classes to Groups

into file Y_SAL the Rooms (Salles de Cours)

into file Y_COU the scheduled Lessons (Cours)


If the field <Lesson Group> is blank, the default value `H` (hebdomadaire) is entered during the export.


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