Opening a new Term

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In principle you create your timetable at the beginning of the school year as usual. If something occurs in the course of the school year that requires a fundamental change to the timetable you can open a new term. The procedure is described below:

1.The term dialogue is accessed via the 'Multiple terms' button on the 'Start' taab. At the beginning there is only one term, which is called 'Term1' by default.

2.Click on the button <New term from ‘mother’ term>. A window opens where you can enter the short and the full name of the new term ('Term1' by default).

3.Enter a meaningful short and full name for the new term, e.g. 'we4', 'from week 4 onwards' and click < OK> to confirm.





4.        Now change the start (From) and end (To) dates. The length of the individual terms will then be displayed in the 'Days' column. Master data, lessons and timetable can now be modified in accordance with the new conditions.By checking the 'Locked' box, past terms can be locked regarding changes.


You can also change the name of the original term 1 (here e.g. to 'start').

5.        After you confirm by clicking < OK> the terms window closes






A new combo box is displayed in the menu displaying the current term and allowing you to switch terms.




6.        Now switch from the term 'we4' to the term 'start'. You will see that both terms’ data are completely identical.

7.        Make a change to one of the terms. For example, delete the timetable from the term 'from week 4 onwards'. Now switch to the term 'start'. You will see that the timetable for the term 'start' has not been deleted.








Tip: Switching terms via status bar

You can switch between terms quickly via the status bar (display status bar via “Settings | Status bar”). Simply click on one of the angled brackets enclosing the name of the current term.