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1.Open the file DemoL.gpn, go to the tab 'Start' and click on the 'Cover scheduling' button.



2.Click on the now displayed 'Cover scheduling' tab the 'Absences' button and select a day in the school year from the calendar in the Absences window . Selecting the teacher short name (Arist) marks the teacher Aristoteles absent for the day.

3.Now switch to the Substitutions window by clicking on the <Substitutions> button. This will show the open substitutions for the day.
Now a suitable substitution must be found for the 1st period. Click on the first row in the view and then on the < Suggestion > button (black mortarboard). The suggestion lists the teachers available for this period, and you can select a suitable teacher with double click.
Instead of the three red ??? the selected teacher appears in the column 'Substitute', a substitution forh the first period is found and the process is finished.
The name of the selected teacher will be displayed in the "Substitute" column, and cover planning for the first period is finished.

4.Once you have processed all substitutions you can select <Print> or <Print Preview> to print the substitutions list, either for teachers or for classes.