Substitutions window

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As soon as an absence is entered, the substitutions window immediately displays the resulting substitutions. You can open the substitutions window either via the context menu (with a right mouse click) or via the <substitutions>button on the 'Cover scheduling' tab.





Besides the date and lesson period, the substitution also displays the elements involved in the substitution (subject, class, room). The '(Teacher)' column contains the name of the teacher who would normally be taking the lesson and the 'Substitute' column contains the name of the substitute allocated to the substitution.

You can also enter a substitution text of your choice.

When the substitutions are printed out, the substitute can use the initials field to indicate that he/she acknowledges the substitution.


Type of substitution


This column indicates the type of substitution. It cannot be edited and serves purely informational purposes.




This is a "normal"substitution

, i.e. the period of an absent teacher will be covered by another teacher.




Supervision takes place when a teacher supervises a class whose teacher is absent in addition to his/her own regular lesson (please refer to chapter"Supervision suggestion"




A lesson where no cover is provided for the absent teacher is designated cancelled.



A release is a period where a teacher is made available (released) due to the absence of a class that he/she would normally have to teach.




If a replacement room needs to be allocated to a period instead of the room originally scheduled, this is a Room replacement (please also refer to chapter"Room replacement"


Special duties


A special duty is understood to be a lesson that needs to be held at short notice and which can be entered in theScheduling dialogue

or directly into the timetable (please refer to chapter"Special duties"




This entry indicates that a lesson period was relocated here from another period (please refer to chapter"Shifting periods"





A swap of two periods (please refer to chapter"Swapping periods"



Teacher swap


A teacher swap occurs when a teacher is allocated in a period when he/she also has a lesson and this has to be taken by another teacher.


Contrary to absence


A teacher is allocated to a substitution although he/she is absent..