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Open the calendar by clicking on the 'Calender' button on the 'Cover scheduling' tab. It gives an overview regarding any numbers you need in scheduling covers. Select a day, enter days on which there is no schooll or create messages for the day for cover scheduling.





As you are used to it in Untis, the windows communicate with each other, e.g. by selecting a date in the calendar the absence window is set to this date, too.






The calendar has the following layout:


The date is selected in the section at the top.


In the centre section you see an overview of the substitution and cover situation and you can select a specific day.


By clicking on the little black arrow at the bottom left the lower section is opened.


In the lower section on the tab ' Daily comments' you can create and edit comments regarding time or time periods.


On the tab ' Calendar day ' you can define non-teaching times.