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This function opens a list of possible substitutes with the 'most suitable' candidates at the top of the list. A substitute can be selected by double clicking on his/her name .




Tip: Displaying/hiding columns

Clicking on the header row in the Substitute suggestion window with the right mouse-button displays a context menu in which columns that are not required can be hidden. You can use drag&drop to change the order of the columns.







The 'most suitable' candidate is the teacher at the top of the list. The order is determined based on the following criteria.


Period flag

The period flag is an indicator representing how good the substitute matches the teacher's timetable. It defines the 'gap' to the next 'regular' period.



Period flag x:

The teacher concerned was released due to an absent class and instead of his regular lessons he would have a free period.

Period flag 0:

Non-teaching period between two lessons.


Period flag 1:

The period to be covered is directly adjacent to a 'regular' lesson.


Period flag 2:

There is one free period between the period to be covered and the next 'regular' lesson.

Period flag 3-8:

Similar to period flag 2.


Period flag 9:

The teacher has no lessons on the respective day and shall not be considered for the substitution.



The counter is a total made up of substitutions and cancellations.


Substitutions that the teacher has performed are set off against lesson cancellations (e.g. resulting from class absences). The period taken into consideration here is a month. The number will be negative, if cancellations outweigh substitutions. The candidate has a 'substitution deficit', the counter is displayed green meaning that he/she can be deployed in substitutions.


Yearly total

The year total functions in a similar way to the counter. The period taken into consideration here is the school year.


Substitutions, Cancellations

Substitutions and cancellations, which are the basis for the calculation of the counter, are displayed separately in these two columns. This allows you to consider the numbers separately when making up your mind about the substitution.


Last week

If a substitution was performed in the previous week by a teacher from the substitute suggestion, this will be displayed green in 'Last week' column and marked with a check sign.



A class symbol in this column indicates that the teacher concerned teaches the class.



If you see a book symbol here, the proposed teacher teaches the subject of the open substitution.



This column displays the number of supervisions in the month (please also refer to the chapter 'Supervision suggestion' below)


Time requests

This is where any time requests of the substitution candidate are displayed.


Periods / day

This field displays the periods for the proposed teacher on the respective day.



Points are awarded for each criterion (period flag, counter etc.). These are penalty points meaning that the teacher with the lowest number of points (most negative number) is the most suitable candidate.


'Timetable' column

This column enables you to graphically check the qualifications as a substitution based on the periods to be covered (framed) in the timetable.





You can widen the whole column in order to be able to see more periods at once or you can adjust the width of the period window. By clicking the right mouse button you can also select what kind of information should be displayed in the fields.