Overview timetable details

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The following details can be set when printing overview timetables:





Number of rows/columns per page


The check box "Rows/Columns automatically" allows you to specify that Untis should print exactly as many rows and columns as will fit on the page.





If the box is not checked, you can specify how many rows and columns should be printed on a sheet using the relevant input fields.


Coupling legend


As with the individual timetables, you can also specify that a legend should be printed with the information that does not t fit in the period window. The legend is activated in the overview timetables and is always printed on a separate page.




Intermediate heading


If you have big overviews it can help to display intermediate headings. Drag the button to the desired position (e.g. after the third class row) - after every x entries (here after every third entry) an intermediate heading will be displayed.