Individual timetables page layout

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The following descriptions apply to individual timetables (and not to overview timetables).






Settings of timetable page

You can choose, for instance, how many timetables should be printed on a page plus how many or which weeks.




Coupling legend

A legend is always printed if all the lesson information cannot be displayed in the period window. Lesson information (for classes) includes all rooms, subjects and teachers.


Drag&drop allows you to select the position of the legend on the page or whether the legend should be printed on a separate page.





Via the settings button of the legend you can also define how many columns the legend should have and whether the legend should be printed in a frame.The legend can be deleted via the big red X.






With timetables for classes and teachers, you can choose to print the lessons view as well.







A legend can be printed with the abbreviations of the subjects and/or teachers. In the following example, the name and full names of the subjects are listed next to the timetable.





Teacher of the class


The teachers of the class can also be printed.