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The diagnosies assists you in checking your input date regarding consistency and to analyse generated timetables according to different criteria.


Diagnosis items for 'input data' and 'Timetable' have individual tabs on the left side of the window..





The diagnosis window consists of two sections: on the left you see the diagnosis selection pane, on the right the diagnosis details pane. You now can choose any diagnostic item in the diagnosis selection pane and the details pane will display the lesson and the class which is related to it.







Note: Show related windows

The right part of the diagnosis window shows an explanation to each diagnosis item. By clicking on the link 'Show related windows' the windows relevant to this diagnosis item open.




Furthermore this window has its own menu bar:


- Resize window: The diagnosis window is adjusted to the ideal size similar to the buttons in the master data and lesson windows.


-Refresh window: the diagnosis window is refreshed.



-Filter: By clicking on this button a filter line is displayed which enables you to filter the diagnosis items just like the button in the master data and lessons window. The diagram below, for instance, shows only diagnosis items with at least one violation and whose weighting is a least 1.





Hide diagnosis items


The diagnosis displays possible errors of input data and in the timetable. In some cases the data was intentionally entered this way and therefore it should not be displayed any more. Right-click on the respective item in the list and select 'Ignore this flaw'. This item is now marked with a white 'x' in a red circle. Additionally you can select 'Do not show ignored breaches' and the marked violations are not displayed any more.







Note: Additional windows

You can use the two small arrows at the top of the window to open a lessons window and a timetable, which allows you to analyse the violations quickly and easily.</