Double periods

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Lessons will be scheduled in single periods unless specified otherwise. If you wish to have or allow double periods you must enter this is in the "Double pers." column of the lessons concerned. This field is used to enter the minimum and maximum number of double periods that are allowed for a lesson:



The value '1-1' (double periods minimum and maximum value) has been entered for lesson number 39. This means that the lesson should be scheduled in one minimum/maximum double period i.e. in exactly one.






The value '0-1' has been entered for lesson number 33. This means that a 2-period lesson can be scheduled in a double period, but it is not an absolute requirement (minimum 0, maximum 1 double period).






The double period entry for lesson number 31 means that a double period must take place. The remaining three weekly periods will be scheduled as single periods.






Tip: Double period condition

If possible try not to formulate the conditions for double periods too restrictively. This means, for example, entering '0-1' instead of '1-1' for two periods of lessons. This will allow automatic scheduling more possible variations, which can result in significantly better timetables.