Entering absences

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An Absence is the absence of one of the three master data elements teacher, class or room (in the latter case blocking would be a more accurate expression). The absences window is used to enter and edit absences. You can open the absences window via the 'Absences' button on the 'Cover scheduling' tab or or via the context menu displayed when you press the right mouse-button.


Use the tabs in the center section of the window to set the type of element which you want to set as absent, i.e. teacher, class or room. You can also select the date using the little arrow.



Note: Selecting a period of time

Via the button with the calender symbol or the 'Settings' you can select the period of time for the absence window: either day, week or a self-defined period of time.






Our example shows an absence for teacher Newton, who will be absent in the period 22 to 25 September from the first to the eigth period. The reason for his absence is IL, i.e. illness. A free text can be entered to describe the absence in the 'Text' field.


The effects of absences are seen in the timetable immediately after they were entered. You also can see where substitutions are still required.








Note: Different types of absence

The absence of a teacher results in substitutions and cancellations , the absence of a class in releases for teachers and the absence (blocking) of a room in room replacements .



Entering absences with the element-rollup


The element-rollup, which can be applied by clicking on the 'Element-Rollup' button can be used for entering absences, too. This allows you to enter several absences at once.