Entries for all master data and lessons

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Some fields and functions can be found in (almost) all types of master data and in lessons.





Lock (X)


A lesson containing an element that is locked will be "frozen" in the timetable. Already scheduled periods will not be rearranged in a subsequent optimisation.


Ignore (i)


A lesson containing a master data element marked "Ignore" will be ignored in the timetable, i.e. it cannot be scheduled or displayed.




An explanatory text can be entered for each element.




If an element is not available in a certain period you can block it using time requests. This means that optimisation will not schedule a lesson with the respective element in this period.


Select the appropriate period of time and enter the time request -3, which corresponds to an absolute block.

You can use the serial change function to apply this time request easily to other elements.





Defining time requests for Classes and Teachersmay prove more difficult. You will find the explanation in the appropriate chapter.