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You can make the following entries for subjects:







Some subjects (e.g. sport) always require a special subject room. These should be entered in this column.



P.m. periods per week


If a certain subject can or should be taught in the afternoon you can make the appropriate entries in the "P.M. pers/week" field. The figure shows that 0-0 has been entered for subject "DE" meaning that it may not be taught in the afternoon. There may be 2 periods of Graphics (0-2) and must be 2 periods of Cookery (2-2) for each class in the afternoons.


Main subject


You can use column "(M)" to define any subject as a main subject and make entries for classes to prevent too many main subjects being scheduled in a class timetable consecutively on the same day. A further consequence of this is that it helps you to influence the position of main subjects. Please refer to chapter "Weighting / Main Subjects tab" .



Tip: Colours

Use the <Colour> button to assign colours to subjects that are then displayed in the timetable.