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Optimisation of room allocation

In the master data of rooms you can allocate a value between 0 and 4 as room weighting for each room. 0 means that it is unimportant whether a lesson takes place in this room or its alternative room because no special equipment is required for the lesson, for example. However, a value of 4 means that it only makes sense to schedule the lesson if the room or its alternative room is free.


For example, chemistry lab equipment is essential, if a lot of experiments are to be performed in a chemistry lesson. Another example is PE, which is only possible in the sports hall.


If a home room and a subject room have been specified for a lesson, only the subject room will be considered during optimisation, if the slider control is on 4 or 5.







Warning: Room - extremely important

If the slider control for this weighting setting is on position 5 ('extremely important') or 4 ('very important'), and if the room weighting for the subject room is 4, a period cannot be scheduled if no suitable subject room can be found.