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A unique (short) name must also be given to each class. The full name field can also contain the class teacher in addition to the name. You will then see this, for instance, printed on all reports of this class.







Tip: Tool tip

If you would like to have more information on a column, position the cursor over the column heading and a short description of the field will be displayed.




The short name of a room for those classes which have their own room is entered in the field 'Room'. If you now create a lesson for this class, the room will be entered automatically. This saves a lot of manual input.


Main subjects per day


Subjects which are particularly demanding or important for the students can be marked as <Main subject> by going to Master data | Subjects . In the column 'Main subj./day' you can specify how many main subjects may be taught per day.


Lunch break min, max


Enter the minimum (min) and maximum (max) length of the lunch break for each individual class. If the lunch break is to last exactly one hour, enter '1-1'. If you rely on Untis to schedule no or a two hour lunch break, then you need to enter '0-2'. If you want the class to have no lunch break at all, leave the field empty.


Which periods are in general suitable for lunch breaks can be defined under 'Data', 'Timegrid' - go to the 'Breaks' tab (please refer to chapter Lunch break ).


Periods per day


You can specify here how many periods the respective class should be taught per day at a minimum (min) and how many lesson units may be allocated to one day at a maximum (max).


You should enter "4-6" if you wish to have the class taught for a minimum of 4 periods and a maximum of 6 periods each day.


Consecutive periods of main subjects


You can use this column to specify the number of main subjects that can be taught to a class consecutively. You can specify how important this point is for you via weighting.