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Teachers also need a unique short name and, optionally, a full name. This is the teacher's last name in most cases but can also contain the first and last name.







This is where you can enter a home room for the teacher. If a lesson is scheduled with a teacher who has a home room, this room will be automatically entered for the teacher's lesson.


Non-teaching period


Use the "NTP" column to enter how many non-teaching periods can be requested by or allowed for a teacher. An entry of 0-4 means that between zero and four non-teaching periods per week are allowed for a teacher.


Periods per day


Enter the minimum and maximum number of teaching periods per day for each teacher in the field "Periods/day". An entry of 4-7 would mean that the teacher should teach at least 4 but no more than 7 periods per day.


Lunch break


Enter the minimum and maximum length of the lunch break for the individual teachers.


Personnel number


It is only necessary to enter the personnel number if it is required for printed reports or transfer files (for the authorities).


Consecutive periods


This is where you can specify the maximum number of periods each teacher wishes to teach before having a non-teaching period (break).