Several teachers

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Lesson number 82 is a coupling with two teachers. All information will only be displayed when you click on the '+' in the 'Cl,Te' column.


The two teachers, Andersen and Gauss, take class 4 for maths together. This is team teaching, therefore the same room has been entered for both teachers.




If the two teachers are to teach in different rooms, you should enter two different rooms in the 'Home room' column.


Entering a teacher coupling


1.First enter the initial coupling line as a simple lesson .

2.Use the mouse to move the cursor to the 'Cl,Te' column until the '+' appears and click on it.

3.Another line in colour will be displayed with the same lesson number.

4.You can now enter details for the second line of the coupling.






Note: Increasing couplings

When you enter details into the empty, coloured coupling line, a further empty line will be displayed immediately with the same lesson number. You can thus increase the coupling as you wish.