Lunch break

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Any lunch break is automatically placed in the last period of the morning and/or the first period of the afternoon. You can influence the position of the lunch break on the 'Breaks' tab on the ' Time grid ' by selecting the first and last periods that can serve as lunch break. The length of the break between morning and afternoon lessons is specified at a later point in time (e.g. 1-2 periods depending on the class).


The example shows that the 5th period is the first that can be used as lunch break and the 7th period is the last. The lunch break must always lie on the boundaries or across the boundaries between morning and afternoon. The white fields indicate those breaks lying between the last period of the morning and the first period of the afternoon. It is also possible to specify the maximum number of classes that can have their lunch break at the same time plus the title of the lunch break in the timetable.






Note: Double period and break

If an * is entered for a break, as in the example between the second and the third period, a double period may not span the break.