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The optimisation run is the "heart" of Untis and is responsible for scheduling lessons automatically. As a general rule optimisation consists of two parts, placement optimisation and swap optimisation. During placement optimisation the various lesson periods are inserted into the initially empty timetable beginning with the most difficult lessons. The timetable is gradually filled. The swap optimisation then attempts to switch the periods about in order to improve the result.


10 separate timetables are calculated during optimisation.






The optimisation is finished as soon as a blue "OK" is displayed on a yellow background in the optimisation window. The time needed for optimisation depends on the computing power of your PC and the size of your school.



Tip: Switching between optimisation results

Following optimisation you will see a list of all optimisation results in the optimisation dialogue. As long as this window is open, you can conveniently switch to another result by clicking on the desired timetable in this list. This plan will be displayed directly in the timetable windows and in the diagnosis (when you click on <Refresh list>).