Scheduling dialogue

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Substitutions can be processed in the substitutions window , in the timetable or in the scheduling dialogue. All functions available in the timetable can also be applied in the scheduling dialogue.


Open the scheduling dialogue via the scheduling dialogue button on the 'Cover scheduling' tab or via the context menu displayed when clicking the right mouse button


The scheduling dialogue shows the timetable of a week, either from the class or from the teacher perspective. The selection menu for classes shows the classes where uncovered substitutions still need processing.





Editing the timetable details window


A special feature of the scheduling dialogue is that the timetable details window can be edited. This allows you to edit uncovered substitutions (including room replacements ) and also to create special duties .



1.Activate the respective period.

2.Enter elements in the details window.

3.The special duties period will now appear in the scheduling dialog, in the timetable and in the substitutions window.





Cancellations in the scheduling dialogue


You can cancel a period using the cancelled button. You can reverse the cancellation by pressing the cancelled button once more.


You can cancel parts of a coupling by clicking on the coupling line and then activating the <Cancelled> button.