Master data maintenance

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Creating a new master data element


You can create a new element (e.g. a new class) in the master data window by clicking into the last (empty) row in the grid and entering a short and a full name. When you click on the <New> button the cursor automatically gets to this row.





You can switch between the individual fields using the <Tab> key.


Changing the short name


You can change the short name by double clicking on it to open a separate window. You can mark and change all other data (e.g. full name) by simply clicking on them in the grid view.





Element löschen


You can delete a master data element by activating/marking the respective row and clicking on the <Delete> button.




Sort order

If you wish to rearrange a master data element click on the first (grey) column of the element that you wish to rearrange and hold the left mouse button down. Now drag the element to the desired position in the list.


You can also change the order of the columns using drag&drop.