Scheduling periods

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From the lessons' window


To schedule a lesson from the lessons' window you need two windows: the lessons' window and the timetable.


The "UnSched Prds" column indicates the number of unscheduled periods and also a hand showing that these periods may be scheduled manually.


You can use drag&drop to take hold of the hand in the "UnSched Prds" column and to drag it to the timetable where you can drop it.







Note: Background colour

Various shades of green indicate the suitability of the lesson and its scheduling. The more intensive the green, the more suitable the lesson in this place in the time grid from a scheduling point of view. Red fields mean that an element is blocked or that the evaluation of the schedule as a whole would be significantly impaired by the change. You cannot drag lessons on a white background.



From the timetable window


Alternatively, you can schedule lessons directly from the timetable window. The unscheduled periods are displayed next to the timetable by enlarging the window to the right or by clicking on the button < Resize the window>. These lessons can be scheduled with drag&drop.






Note: Order of the lessons

You can place the lessons below and to the right of the timetable as you wish.







Each individual step can be undone by using the <Undo changes> button in the toolbar of the timetable.