Lessons view toolbar

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The following functions are available via buttons in the lessons window toolbar:





Resize window


This function allows you to quickly adjust the window to its 'optimum' size.


New / Delete


These buttons enable you to create a new lesson or to delete a lesson.



Tip: Deleting a coupling line

You can delete a coupling line by activating it, holding the <Ctrl> key pressed and then clicking on the <Delete> button.





Clicking on the <Filter> button causes an additional row to be displayed in the table in which you can enter the element that you wish to filter by.






Note: Several filter criteria

You can also filter using more than one criteria. Those elements will be displayed that meet all criteria.



Coupling/extended de-coupling


This function allows you to couple lessons or convert the individual coupling lines of a coupled lesson into independent lessons (with their own lesson numbers.


Time requests


As for master data, a time request can also be specified for lessons. The way this works has already been explained in the chapter 'Specific time requests' .


Lock this display


Activating this function (button pressed) causes the relevant (form) view to be protected from events in other windows. This means that if the lessons display shows class 1a and an open timetable view is switched to, say, class 3b, the lessons view will continue to display class 1a (please also refer to chapters "Timetable interaction" and "Lock type").


Colour coding


You can use the <Colour coding> button to assign any foreground and background colour to a lesson. As with master data, these colours are than used when the lesson is displayed on the screen and when the timetable is printed and when scheduling the timetable.