Swap suggestions

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You can use the <Suggested swaps> button on the 'Start' tab to automatically display how the active period could be swapped within the class and across classes. To this end Untis evaluates the timetable based on your weighting settings and indicates if the quality of the timetable would be better or worse.




With class leaps


It is often necessary to perform swaps across several classes. In order to enable a swap to be made in one class it is first necessary to perform a swap in another class - the so-called leap class. If you check the option 'With class leaps', these types of possibilities to swap will be offered.





The above example shows that the swap in class 1b would result in a 24-point improvement, therefore a swap in the leap class 1a is possible which brings about a highly ranked improvement, since a lesson scheduled on a locked period can be swapped.

The timetable in the above examples will clearly be improved.





The suggested swaps window list the swaps in the order of their evaluation with the best swaps right at the top. The 'Gain' column in the upper window pane will only list the evaluation of the first swap for a swap with class leaps (base class). The sort order in the upper window pane uses the total between the evaluations of the first swap and the best possible second swap. The total evaluation for both swaps is displayed in the lower window pane.





Warning: Swap period

If you want to swap the period which is the basis for the swap suggestions, first click on the period in the timetable you want to get swap suggestions to. Then click on the 'Refresh' button for refreshing the suggested swaps.