Unspecified time requests

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It is also possible to enter unspecified time requests. The actual decision when these time requests will become relevant is made during automatic scheduling - dependend on all other elements.


You can accept a teacher's request for a day off on any day on the week by entering it in the lower part of the window.





Unspecified time requests apply in addition to specified requests, i.e. they are cumulative.



In the example teacher Rub should be granted a day off (-3) as well as a free afternoon if possible (-2 ) during the week.





You can also block individual periods under "Unspecified blocks". The entry in the example would mean that teacher Rub should have periods 1-2 free on two days of the week.




Tip: Unspecified time requests

You should use unspecified time requests whenever possible. If a teacher needs a day off, for example, Untis will then determine the day (or half-day) to be kept free based on the specifics of the timetable. This avoids placing too many restrictions on scheduling and allows better timetables to be calculated.