Automatic substitution optimisation

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You can process all uncovered substitutions automatically just by clicking the <Automatic> button in the substitutions window .


The upper section of the window provides an overview of uncovered substitutions.


The "Select the desired method" option allows you to choose whether you wish to process all uncovered substitutions or only room replacements.






You can start the automatic substitution function by activating the appropriate button.


You will see the message "OK" as soon as automatic processing finishes and you will see the number of remaining uncovered substitutions in the top section of the screen.


During the automatic substitutionoptimisation the teacher at the top of the substitution suggestion list and thus the one considered the most suitable substitute will be allocated. Only alternative rooms will be allocated as room replacements. If there is no suitable alternative room, the room replacement will remain open and you can look for a free room in the room allocation dialogue.