Cover Planning Express

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The timetable provides the basis for all processes in school. It requires a lot of efforts to set up and it is nice when it is finally finished. However, it is seldom executed as intended. Work must be performed on it every day. When a teacher is ill, a colleague takes part in professional development or a class visits a museum, changes must be made to the timetable. Cover must be found for the colleague who is ill, except for the class on the trip to the museum. The lesson of the colleague on skills enhancement will not take place if it is the last morning period.


The timetable also provides the main basis for finding cover staff. It can find out who is in the school and is available. It knows who also teaches the class. It can also provide information on who can teach the subject in the period in question.


It is a complex and fascinating topic. The Untis Express Cover Planning module is the result of many years of experience in the field.